If you are looking for things to do with the kids in Scunthorpe, our huge play structures provide a variety of slides, walkways, ropes, steps and hideaways for youngsters to explore and let their imaginations run wild. Cheeky Chimps truly becomes their own 'Jungle Adventure'!

We are improving the playzone constantly.  Cheeky Chimps is a member of the Play Providers Association and adheres strictly to its Code of Practice to provide a safe environment in which to play and assist in achieving health related goals.

Main Play Area

Our main play structure is 3 levels high and consists of 3 large racing slides (from the top all the way to the bottom), a shorter rapid slide and a curly spiral slide. There are lots of walkways with various obstacles (including a tricky rope jungle) and loads of little hideaways so that you really can have your own jungle adventure! All in all a great physical challenge for children of all ages.

The structure itself has various entry/exit points, including easy access for disabled or smaller children, it has a child safe all-around mesh netting fitted (keeping little toes and fingers safe from entanglement) and a 3-sided view around the structure assists guardians in the supervision of their children.

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Toddlers Area

Although small by comparison to the main play structure, the toddler area will be just as challenging for any small person as it consists of steady up and down steps, a bumpy walkway and, at the end of the circuit, a fun slide onto the soft mat area. There are also wall games to play as well as the usual soft tumble toys.

This structure has been specifically developed to enable your child to explore the toddler play area by themselves (under your supervision) or they can be actively encouraged by you as they move around. Encouraging play is important to an infant's personal development.

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Soft Sports Area

The soft sports zone is for team games such as basketball, football and tag. It may also be utilised for dance fun or general group organised events.

The flooring consists of soft mats and the actual play area is enclosed in a solid framework with mesh netting for safety. Soft balls are provided for basketball and football play.

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For those who are unable to play (yes you, mum and dad!), there is a large seating area in which to relax and enjoy a drink/snack from our on-site cafe. There is also comfortable seating available for those that wish to relax a little more deeply and courtesy magazines to help you pass the time.

Our menu consists of the usual children's favourites like Chicken nuggets, Fish Fingers and Cheeseburgers, but we also encourage our tiny visitors to try our healthier snacks like baked potatoes, salads and freshly made sandwiches. Perhaps this could be an opportunity to encourage your children to try something different, especially if they see other kids having a go. We offer a variety of home cooked food e.g Chilli, Lasagna, Cottage Pie, Pasta, Curry.

We also offer a selection of scrummy homemade cakes. Freshly made tea, coffees, hot chocolate, soft and frozen (slush) drinks are also available and we are sure you will find them all reasonably priced.  Doesn't it just sound like heaven?

  Cheeky Chimps Scunthorpe

Cheeky Chimps is the premiere indoor activity play area for children in the Scunthorpe and North Lincolnshire area.

Opening Hours

  • Monday to Friday -  09:30 - 19:00
  • Saturday 10:00 - 19:00
  • Sunday 10:00 - 19:00



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